10 Best Social Hobbies to Meet New People

by | Dec 20, 2022 | Hobbies | 0 comments

Developing social hobbies is a great way to learn new skills and meet new people. The reason is that it encourages you to step out of your comfort zone and build new relationships.
Below is a list of some social hobbies you can develop to meet new people.
Let’s start!

Running clubs

Several people around the world enjoy running. As a result, it allows you to meet many people, most of whom share your goal: to stay fit.
What’s more? You can join a running club, which guarantees you’ll meet other runners and can build new relationships with them. Joining a running club will also ensure you get the support and motivation you need to keep at it.

Book clubs

Do you like to read? Then joining a book club is the way to go. This is because it provides you with a community of book-lovers with whom you can bond on the books you have read. This includes discussing the books, sharing personal insight, and your likes and dislikes.

Trivia nights

If you enjoy learning random facts, then Trivia events are for you. Many bars, restaurants, and pubs host Trivia nights. If it interests you, ask around for venues within your local neighborhood.


Bowling is an incredible social hobby that is best enjoyed alongside other people. You can join a bowling league to make new friends and improve your bowling skills.

Community team sports

Friendly competition is a great avenue to meet new people and bond with them. Join a community of your favorite team sport in your neighborhood. Apart from providing you with an instant community of people with the same sporting interests as you, it prevents the opportunity to meet more people when you participate in competitive events.

Live music events

If you love listening to music, we recommend that you develop the habit of attending live music events that take place in your neighborhood. These events bring you close to several new people you can become friends with. The best part is, you already have something to talk about – music.

Fitness classes

Another social hobby that can bring you close to other people is exercising. Register with a gym or fitness class in your area. Start your journey towards fitness and enjoy the added benefit of meeting new people and making friends.

Group travel

Traveling is a fun hobby, especially when you do it with other people. To do this, register with a group travel community. Group travel is a social hobby where you go on organized travel tours that allow you to explore and make new friends.

Cooking classes

Cooking can be intimate and fun. So, we recommend joining a culinary school to learn how to cook both old and new dishes.
Like other hobbies in this article, cooking classes, apart from imparting knowledge, provide opportunities to meet new people.

Amateur theatre

Do you have a flair for acting? If yes, amateur theatre clubs are perfect for improving your skills and doing what you love. They also allow you to meet different people, which is what you are actually after in this case.


Other social hobbies that allow you to meet new people include joining a board game group, volunteering, coaching or refereeing,
etc. With these options, you have no excuse for not meeting new people.