Best Art and Craft Projects

by | Dec 21, 2021 | Hobbies | 0 comments

Art and craft projects are not just limited to kids. Everyone can participate in these activities to spike the creative side of the brain and channel emotions through a fun task. Amongst children, it projects the development of traits and interests which help shape their personality at later stages. Given the amount of stress that advancing times have burdened adults with, art and craft are suggested as a means to improve mindful thinking and boost dopamine levels. Apart from these, the major benefit of crafting such models is that they’re useful almost anywhere as a decorative piece – be it the kitchen table or the bedside. 

Let’s dive into some of these projects that are fun to create!

Colorful Cocktail glasses

Want to add a pop of fun and color to your picnics and brunches? Look no further. This is a super easy craft that will require some ordinary cocktail glasses, acrylic, and adhesive vinyl. Painting uneven spots or using hand-torn pieces of colorful paper on these glasses will make the guests admire your creative taste. 

Paper Plate Cartoons

This is a fun way to create hilarious characters as well as educate your child about not throwing away plastic. All you need are some paper plates, colored sheets and adhesive. You may cut the plate to resemble the body of a character or use sheets to beautify it for your child to play with.

No-Sew Rag Quilt

The perfect craft for anyone who loves to stay cozy and have fun without stitches! You can even choose to customize the rag pieces that you stick together and give the quilt to someone as a memory of an important event or a special date. Just look out for rags that won’t itch your skin and sanitize the quilt to remove adhesive.

Paper pennants

A great activity for both adults and kids, paper pennants add a pop to the place you hang them at. Be it for a garden party, child’s room, or your terrace, making them is super easy and very relaxing. You may choose to sew it or simply glue the paper on a string or thread. 

Paper flowers

Who doesn’t like floral decor around the corner of their place? With colored paper, floral wires, glue, and scissors, you can create multiple shapes and sizes of flowers. To add more finesse to your craft, buy a cheap sleek white vase and watch your paper flowers blossom. 

Hanging bottle lights

Screaming fun and aesthetic, have you ever wondered what to do with glass milk bottles and shake jars? This is your cue to turn them into beautiful hanging lights. Jute strings, empty glass containers and fairy lights put together will bring a magical glow to any room. You can even use them for outdoor-themed parties. 

Leaf Printing

The recreational and easy craft of leaf painting impressions for greeting cards, wrapping papers, walls, and even glass bottles can be a great pastime. Dried leaves and some bright paints are all you need for making this project which has multiple uses!