Best Backpacks for Elementary School

by | Dec 7, 2021 | Parenting | 0 comments

Ideally, a great school backpack should contain everything kids need for a full school day. Additionally, the bag should be comfortable to carry and suitable for smaller bodies. As children will bring their backpacks every day for a school year (and beyond), the backpack should be durable and come in a range of colors and designs to express their personalities.

Achieving Optimal Fit

Backpacks that do not fit correctly or are used incorrectly can cause back and shoulder pain. The best backpacks are those that fit well and are comfortable. Sometimes the best bag isn’t the most stylish or expensive.

Choosing the Right Size

It is recommended that a backpack’s width be proportionate to the person’s height. Small children should not wear adult-size bags. Moreover, the size of the backpack should be approximately two inches below the shoulder blades and just slightly above the waist.

Straps with broad padding

To offer increased comfort and protect the shoulders from excessive pressure, look for wide straps with padding at the shoulders. To distribute the backpack’s weight evenly, both straps must be used. The strain on one shoulder is increased by using only one strap. A bag with adjustable straps is helpful not only for a comfortable fit but also for proper positioning – again, the backpack should sit just slightly above the waist, and the straps should be the same length.

Look for compartments and pockets

Make sure the backpack has pockets, slots, and dividers to evenly distribute the weight. To help evenly distribute extra weight, look for backpacks that offer pockets, slots, and dividers, in addition to using both shoulder straps and making sure the pack sits at the right height. Items that are heavier should be placed closer to the person’s back within the pack. Lighter items may be placed further away. 

Do not let them carry too much weight

You should limit the weight of the packed backpack to 15 percent of the child’s body weight. It is extremely important to avoid overloading backpacks. This is particularly relevant to children. The total weight of the backpack and its contents should not exceed 15% of the individual’s weight.

Test before you buy

Consider bringing a few personal items that you would usually carry in your backpack to the store. Place them in the backpack as you try them to determine how the weight is distributed.

Fit the straps

Make sure that any chest or waist straps fit your child correctly. Chest or waist straps on some backpacks are designed to help distribute weight. In addition to failing to distribute weight properly, they may even cause your child discomfort if they do not fit properly.

  • Adjust the chest strap so that the shoulder straps can be brought in so that the arms are free to move.
  • You should wrap a hip belt around your child’s hips.
  • It is best to place the chest strap at the most comfortable height for the child.