Most Challenging Jigsaw puzzles you can Buy

by | Nov 22, 2021 | Hobbies | 0 comments

You can keep your brain stimulated by solving jigsaw puzzles. To keep yourself challenged, you may have to increase the complexity if you’re a regular puzzle solver. Inveterate puzzle solvers need more complexity or challenge since their expertise renders the basic puzzle uninteresting.

The team combed through reviews for some of the most challenging and beautiful puzzles out there. We’ve selected our favorites. Can you figure them all out?

Beverly Micro Pure White Hell Jigsaw Puzzle

Small pieces and a pure white image? This tricky 1,000-piece jigsaw puzzle has the name “hell” for a reason. Jigsaw puzzles prolong life expectancy-and you might need extra time to solve this one.

Introducing Sharp Brain Zone’s 3D wooden puzzle

You may think this puzzle is easy, but 3D puzzles such as this complex version of Tetris will challenge you. Without adding additional complexity, 3D puzzles and Rubik’s cubes are challenging enough, as is

Cebrum Shoppe Puzzle: Impossible

The apparent acrylic puzzle may only contain 144 pieces, but solving it takes a lot of brainpower. There is no picture to help you with particular pieces, and it is impossible to tell which side is up! Try solving the most challenging puzzle you’ve ever seen.

Jigsaw puzzle by Clemens Habicht in 5000 colors

This CMYK color puzzle is particularly challenging due to the subtle color gradients and the 5,000 pieces. While studies show that boys tend to have stronger visual and spatial skills, a recent study found that girls were much faster at completing jigsaw puzzles because they were better at strategizing how to solve the puzzle.

The Lines – Bgraamiens Puzzles

Research shows that older adults do better with black-and-white puzzles than younger adults, but they won’t get an advantage with this 1,000-piece puzzle since it’s simply a scribble of black lines on white.

Amsterdam Educa with Red Bike Puzzle

It will be easy to put together the pop of red in the middle of this 3,000-piece puzzle, but the rest won’t be so easy.

Puzzle: Black Like My Soul

There are only 252 pieces to this completely black puzzle, but you might turn red before finishing it. The puzzle pieces are laser-cut acrylic and are smooth and sturdy. The finished product measures eight by 12 inches, but you can also order a 100-piece set that measures eight by 8 inches. Unlike most puzzles, the cheat sheet is provided if you find the puzzle too challenging or just want a slight hint.