Best Apps for Learning a Second Language

by | Dec 4, 2021 | Parenting | 0 comments

Would you consider learning a second language? You can download an app (actually, several) to help you. The language app will help you build your vocabulary, develop proper grammar, and eventually become fluent through courses that are easy to digest — all from the comfort of your smartphone or laptop. This is perfect if you’re planning an exciting trip abroad or want to spend your downtime doing something enriching.

Compared with formal schooling or tutoring with a language expert, the best language-learning apps are also very affordable. It is essential to ensure proper pronunciation when using speech recognition software. Several programs offer multiple language options, which is helpful if you want to learn more than one language.

Here are the top five apps for learning a new language. Our recommendations will help you become fluent in your second or third language.


Babbel reminds me of a foreign language course you’d find in an online school curriculum. Despite its minimalist layout, the Babbel app prevents me from feeling overwhelmed by learning a new language (French for me). Translations are included in every lesson and variations of the word or phrase, pictures, and whether the text is formal or informal. In cases where a phrase is spelled, the letters are included.


Memrise uses short videos to show how real locals express different phrases in conversation. The first lesson alone in the French course allowed me to hear the tone of voice and casual pronunciation and learn the phrase’s literal translation and gendered usage. You can also identify patterns in the language to improve your skills. 


Regular users of Duolingo will enjoy the colorful interface and the short, interactive exercises. The number of languages you learn is completely up to you (I think two is the best maximum if you’re retaining anything). Duolingo is where most people practice Spanish and German.


Mondly is a colorful app with various features that you can use even if you do not subscribe to premium. The app offered different conjugations for verbs when I tried beginner Hungarian if you tapped on them. The app includes images, translations, and auditory aids to fit your learning style. 


By listening to any song enough, you will learn all the words by repetition — even if they are in a foreign language. Having learned the words, how do you understand them? That’s where Lirica comes in. This app offers a unique approach to teaching Spanish and German. Lirica uses Latin and reggaeton music to teach language and grammar instead of traditional methods. In addition to learning the language, you also become immersed in the culture. The app also includes facts about the artist.